According to data published by the Consulta degli emiliano – romagnoli nel mondo (Council of Emilia-Romagna in the world) from 2014 our region is the sixth in the national ranking of expats. At regional level, the new emigration has increased after 2010 and in the period 2001-2016, young people (18-39 years old) are more involved in the phenomenon. 

Europe (United Kingdom, France, Switzerland, Germany, Spain) remains the first destination of the expats from Emilia-Romagna followed by America (United States, Brazil, Mexico, Argentina, above all).

Emilia-Romagna young people living abroad present a richness for the Emilia-Romagna region which, through ART-ER Territory Research Attractiveness, is committed to maintaining relationships and promoting long-distance collaborations with them: from one hand to enhancing excellent young people who have undertaken an international career, from the other hand to promote the internationalization and attractiveness of the regional territory.


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