High performance computing, big data analysis, use of artificial intelligence techniques such as deep and machine learning are technological pillars of digital society. 

To this challenge Emilia-Romagna has answered being a dynamic and performing region with an economic system increasingly active in international markets and featuring a high rate of entrepreneurship, a competitive  manufacturing sector and a strong will to innovate. 
Its historical ecosystem is ready for the challenges that technology currently offers as a result of a concentration of energy, resources and possibilities on computing and digital economy. In fact, Emilia-Romagna hosts more than 70% of the Italian high performance and high throughput computing resources aimed at supporting industrial and academic research.  

Since 2015, Emilia-Romagna stakeholders, part of the regional Big Data Community, involved in supercomputing and big data production and management have engaged in mapping and analyzing their potential impact on scientific, social and business domains. In this community, the main actors of HPC infrastructure ecosystem are: CINECA (the non-profit consortium of 67 Italian Universities, 9 Italian Research Institutions, 1 Polyclinic and the Italian Ministry of Education) and INFN (National Institute for Nuclear Physics). 

The new data centre of the  European Centre for Medium-Range Weather Forecasts (ECMWF), which will allow ECMWF to continue its important work in studying weather phenomena as a strategic element for sustainable economic progress and citizens’ security, is going to be set up in the Big Data Technopole of Bologna, as the main national and European hub for application of Big Data in relevant fields such as mobility, manufacturing, smart cities, health, climate.

The Emilia-Romagna Region also supported the establishment of the International Foundation on Big Data and Artificial Intelligence for Human Development, born at the end of 2019, which will represent one of the major international scientific institutions to attract talents and public and private investments in new technologies. A knowledge hub that will address great socio-economic challenges, from weather forecasts and climate change, to technological innovation related to industry 4.0.
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