Have you studied in your country and you are now looking for an international opportunity to increase your skills and make your curriculum vitae more appealing? In Emilia-Romagna you can find your right educational or training opportunity!

This section is dedicated to those who want to move to Emilia-Romagna to undertake a higher education program (University, ITS - Higher Technical Institutes, AFAM - Higher Education in Art, Music and Dance). Here you can find essential information depending on 3 different steps, before and after you move.


Moving to study in another country is a courageous and rewarding choice that needs to be guided. Here you will find information to decide which opportunity is best for you, what registration requirements are necessary, how to obtain a study visa for Italy, etc. 


Now that you've arrived in Emilia-Romagna, you'll need some tips to settle in for the first few months of your stay.Here you will find useful information on settling in, for the first months of your stay.


Now that you have settled in, you can make the most of the opportunities our region offers, to fully integrate yourself into the social, educational or professional context.  Here you will find useful information to make the most of your experience in Emilia-Romagna.


Share your experience and become a main player of Emilia-Romagna initiatives for international talents.

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