The "Welcome in one click" platform is on line!

The "Welcome in one click" platform is on line!

Officially launched the tool to facilitate access to employment and vocational training opportunities for refugees and asylum seekers

welcome in 1 click platform

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Welcome in one click, the UNHCR and Fondazione Adecco matchmaking platform for refugees and asylum seekers in Italy, is on line!

The UN Agency for Refugees, UNHCR, and the Adecco Foundation have launched a matchmaking platform to support refugees, asylum seekers, temporary and other humanitarian protection holders enter the Italian labour market more easily.

The new platform is linked to UNHCR’s Welcome program, established in 2017 to promote the work inclusion and integration of refugees. Over 700 companies have contributed to this goal, creating over 30.000 pathways to work inclusion with the support of civil society associations. 

Over 450.000 asylum seekers and refugees reside in Italy. Employment is crucial for their successful integration and contribution to the economy. Inclusion in the workforce improves productivity and collaboration, making refugee inclusion activities an important part of diversity and social responsibility policies for companies. 

The new platform replicates UNHCR Welcome program's working methodology, building bridges between companies, refugees, and civil society. It aims to promote refugee employment through shared digital workspace for vocational training opportunities, strengthening partnerships between companies and civil society. 

Companies, associations, refugees, and asylum seekers can join WelcomeNet, a qualified network that supports corporate partnerships and empowers beneficiaries in career inclusion pathways. This can be done simply registering on the Welcome in one click platform. 

On the platform, you can create online CVs, share job opportunities, respond to ads, co-design inclusion projects, and more.

Welcome in one click partners are AIDP (Italian Association for Personnel Management), Assolavoro, Confindustria, and Global Compact Italia. The platform was created with the contribution of Accenture and the Intesa San Paolo Charity Fund.

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