WHAT IS IT LIKE TO WORK IN cultural and creative industries?

WHAT IS IT LIKE TO WORK IN cultural and creative industries?

February in Bologna: Culture, Creativity and the first art fair in Italy

The Cultural and Creative Industries sector is crucial in our country, whose cultural heritage is known and valued throughout the world.

Emilia-Romagna, in addition to having registered 13 sites as UNESCO heritage, also stands out for the high number of events, festivals, exhibitions and initiatives that take place throughout the year organized by both public and private organisations.

Analyzing the Skills Intelligence Emilia-Romagna data concerning this sector, it is interesting to observe that generally the most sought-after profiles are not difficult to find, but also that the online job advertisements published from january 2023 to January 2024 and associated with the ICC sector are "only" 24.265, which means 6,8% of the total online advertisements offered in the regional territory, with a decrease of 39,6% compared to the previous year, and an equal forecast for the next 2 years.

The most sought after professional profiles (ESCO level 1) belong to the group Professionals (43,4%), Service and sales workers (19%) and Technicians and associate professionals (17,1%).

ICC data ER
ICC jobs in ER

The five most sought after professional profiles (ESCO level 4) of the Professionals (ESCO level 1)


Taking into consideration only the group of Professionals (ESCO level 1), the top five most sought after professional profiles (ESCO level 4) are:

  • Advertising and marketing professionals - 55,8% of the total ads in E-R
  • Graphic and multimedia designers - 8,2%
  • Public relations professionals - 7,9%
  • Translators, interpreters and other linguists - 4,1%
  • Engineering professionals - 4,0% 

Of these five profiles, the first registers MEDIUM HIGH difficulty in being founded, while the Public Relations Professionals and Engineering Professionals have HIGH difficulty in being founded according to the Excelsior classification.

This means that in Emilia-Romagna there is a strong need for these professions since the profiles necessary to fill this gap in are lacking.

ICC jobs in Bologna

ICC most sought jobs in Bologna in the last 12 months

In the province of Bologna, specifically, the first five most sought after professional profiles (ESCO level 4) are:

  1. Advertising and marketing professionals - 1.731 ads in the last 12 months
  2. Graphic and multimedia designers
  3. Public relations professionals
  4. Engineering professionals
  5. Systems analysts

What does it mean? Well, if you are an advertising and marketing specialist, Bologna and its companies could be interesting for you!

If, however, your profile is not yet among the most sought but you would like to delve deeper into the cultural and creative industries sector, you can find many training opportunities.

These are the best in the region:

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