Rimini is located about 100 km from Bologna and only 40 km from the border of the Marche region and is the main tourist center of the Romagna Riviera and Emilia-Romagna in general.

An internationally renowned summer vacation spot, it stretches 15 km along the Upper Adriatic coast, attracting millions of visitors every year for its unique mix of history, relax, leisure, wellness, entertainment, good food and wine, a fantastic beach and a wonderful hinterland. Rimini offers the second largest airport in the region, the Rimini and San Marino International Airport.



Here we find a branch of the University of Bologna with courses in the following fields: economics and management, pharmacy and biotechnology, chemistry, education and training sciences, motor sciences, statistics, design and fashion. There are also several industrial research laboratories, specialized in two particular sectors: developing and transferring innovative technologies and methods for environmental quality control and natural resource management; and finding solutions to problems related to the analysis and chemical / toxicological characterization of materials coming from the textile and cosmetic industry.

The main sectors of its economy belong to the areas of specialization in: the cultural and creative industries; and the health and wellness industries. The most important companies include: Aeffe Group, Teddy Group, Maggioli, Valpharma, SCM Group, MARR, SGR Services, MEC3, and Focchi.

Its territory is equipped with an efficient public bus and train transportation system, which connects it to the main regional and national cities, in particular with the cities of central Italy. The use of personal bicycles is widespread.

Known throughout the world, it is home to one of the most famous Italian water parks. Rimini, together with the provincial city of Riccione, welcomes hundreds of thousands of young people every year attracted by the variety of its nightlife.

The city is also known as the birthplace of Federico Fellini and is where he shot the famous film Amarcord in 1973. Rimini offers an excellent quality of life, cultural and artistic interests, and efficient and good quality public services.

In Rimini you can appreciate a simple cuisine of peasant and seafaring tradition; it can be enjoyed in luxury restaurants as well as in kiosks on the beach. A piadina (flatbread) with cold cuts and cheese, or a cassoni (stuffed piadina with ingredients of your choice); tagliatelle, tagliolini, ravioli, cappelletti and strozzapreti to be served with a meat sauce or with a fish sauce; the local fish are blue fish (sardines, mackerel ...), sole, mullets as well as clams, mussels, grooved razor shell and snails. Typical of the area is the ‘brodetto’ (soup), a dish with various qualities of stewed fish with tomato and spices. Typical wines include: Sangiovese, Trebbiano, Pagadebit, Albana and Cagnina.

In addition to being the center of large summer events (including the Molo Street Parade and the Summer Pride), Rimini has a very active gay life thanks to the gay bars and clubs present throughout the year and not only in the summer.



In Rimini and in Romagna "we live well" and for this reason it is often called the Wellness Valley, for its excellence in offering well-being and a good quality of life for residents and tourists. Every year the main international fair dedicated to fitness, wellness, business, sport, physical culture and healthy nutrition is held in Rimini: the Rimini Wellness.

A few kilometers from Rimini is the Republic of San Marino, the oldest republic of Europe and one of the least populous independent states in the world (about 30,000 inhabitants). In 2008, the historic center of the City of San Marino and Mount Titano were included by UNESCO among the heritages of humanity as "evidence of the continuity of a free republic since the 13th century".

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