The construction sector continues to be a strategic sector in regional, national, and European economies. In particular this is due to the high number of employees in the supply chain itself, as well as to the growing entry of new players and the innovation development potential attributed to it by other supply chains such as the energy market and ICT.

The world of building and construction in Emilia-Romagna is quite varied. There are many factors that determine its specificity starting from the typology of the enterprises, some of these of large dimensions and constituted in many cases in a cooperative form. The supply chain is the driving force for the region’s economy: companies in the territory in some specific sectors hold a world leadership position,  the tile sector for example. Emilia-Romagna also stands out for other important industries such as bricks, window frames, plastic, wood and metal components for construction. These are flanked by the presence of other pillars of the local productive fabric that of the specialized mechanics used for extractions, constructions, and industries producing materials and components. Finally, an emerging scenario in the sector includes the development of high-performance materials, more efficient and economic construction systems, new restoration techniques and energy efficiency, safety and the usability of buildings.

In Emilia-Romagna the opportunities for study, work and business in the Building and Construction sectors are strongly interrelated thanks to the presence of networks of different areas (Higher Technology Network, Technopolis, Clust-ER, and Startup) that are coordinated by ART-ER, in its role as "accelerator of innovation" in the region.

The regional ecosystem of research and innovation can be divided into thematic centers, for each of which it is possible to identify the laboratories of the Higher Technology Network. These are organizations capable of exploiting the results of research including: for economic and social purposes; the Clust-ER; and private business associations, research centers, training institutions that share skills, ideas and resources to support the competitiveness of the sector they are managing.

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