Emilia-Romagna is often associated with the terms "Motor Valley" or "Packaging Valley". Behind these two definitions is the entire system of mechanics, mechatronics and motor engineering, which are the sectors that represent the backbone of the regional manufacturing base. In this sector there are numerous companies spread throughout the region, but with strategic hubs for the number of employees in Modena, Reggio Emilia and Bologna, so as to strongly characterize the manufacturing component of the territory.

Thanks to these characteristics, the region has always distinguished itself as an international excellence:  highly competative with players of global significance and numerous highly specialized medium and small enterprises. The territory boasts leading companies in market niches, such as in the sectors of automatic machines, machine tools, packaging and hydraulics.

The regional historic capability in the motoring field has also allowed the creation of similar sectors, which, although limited in territorial extension and turnover, present peaks of excellence in terms of technology and quality of the products produced. These include Nautical, Aeronautics and Space, and Advanced Materials, etc.

Furthermore, mechatronics, understood as an 'enabling system', is taking on an increasingly strategic connotation in relation to recent industrial developments: now most manufacturing plants include systems, machines, modules and components that integrate mechanics, electronics, ICT technologies and technologies of materials.

In Emilia-Romagna the opportunities for study, work and business in the field of Mechatronics and Motor Engineering are strongly interrelated thanks to the presence of networks of different areas (High Technology Network, Technopolis, Clust-ER, and Startup) that are coordinated by ART-ER, in its role as "accelerator of innovation" in the region.

The regional ecosystem of research and innovation can be divided into thematic centers, for each of which it is possible to identify the laboratories of the Higher Technology Network. These are organizations capable of exploiting the results including: research for economic and social purposes; the Clust-ER; and private business associations, research centers, training institutions that share skills, ideas and resources to support the competitiveness of the sector they are managing.

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