"Attractiveness" is becoming a key term for local policies on a European level. Following the global phenomena such as the financial crisis or migration, the ability of territories to position themselves with respect to various types of flows, attracting and retaining strategic resources, is taking on an increasingly important role. Building policies to make an area attractive is a complex task due to the many variables involved. On the one hand it is necessary to understand which types of individuals (targets) they want to attract. On the other hand it appears essential to act on capacities and services of the territory, considering the specific peculiarities.

In this context, Emilia-Romagna has several characteristics that make it one of the most advanced areas and with excellent potential in terms of attractiveness: it is one of the Italian regions with the highest level of competitiveness, thanks to a production system projected towards international markets and with a high rate of entrepreneurship, a strong manufacturing sector and a great push towards innovation. Furthermore, the regional university system consists of 6 universities, which are among the most attractive for Italian students (ISTAT source). In fact, in recent years Emilia-Romagna ranks among the top positions in Italy, confirming the attractiveness of its universities.

The Region is working on the international presence of Emilia-Romagna, creating a relationship with the big cities of America, and with large areas of China and all over the world, linking universities and the world of research with recognized companies, in addition to the large investment in new technologies, research and big data to address the fundamental issues of the future.

The regional strategy of international talents attraction and retention 

Enhancement and growth of human capital skills to promote and support the capacity of Emilia-Romagna to attract projects and talents in the fields of research and innovation is one of the top priorities of Emilia-Romagna regional policies. Attracting talents for the regional territory means to have a decisive impact on the competitiveness of the system in the short term, but also to stimulate and strengthen the training and professional development of the skills present in the territory for the medium to long term.

To this goal, ART-ER Territory Research Attractiveness, on behalf of the Regional Government of Emilia-Romagna, is developing initiatives aimed at attract and retain students, scientists and knowledge workers in the region, in the interests of the members and actors of the regional innovation ecosystem, such as Universities, Research Centers, Companies, Clust-ER Associations, Technopoles and the Higher Technology Network.

Within these iniatives, the IT-ER - International Talents in Emilia-Romagna website has been developed, aimed at promoting study, research and job opportunities for international students, researchers and knowledge workers, as well as collaboration among regional innovation ecosystem actors and Emilia-Romagna expats living abroad. IT-ER guides international talents interested in investing their training and career in Emilia-Romagna, indicating "how to" for each step of their path (preparation, arrival, integration): from the visa application to the socialization. It represents an easy guide that highlights existent information and services throughout the region.


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