Back to ER Challenge is the initiative launched by ART-ER and the Council of Emilia-Romagna people in the world as part of the training lab in Service Design of the University of Bologna, which between September and December 2021 saw the students of the course on innovative service design working on new services for expats from Emilia-Romagna who are willing to come back.

Since the attraction of international students, researchers and professionals with high skills constitutes a key element for the development of a quality and competitive regional ecosystem, ART-ER Attractiveness Ricerca Territorio and the Council of Emilia-Romagna people in the world have launched this challenge, during which the students have designed, through the service design methodology, services dedicated not only to stimulate the return of talents from Emilia-Romagna who are currently abroad but also to support the transfer and/or the integration of their  partners and families.

At the end of a process that began in September 2021 and lasted 11 weeks, the final presentation of the services that each team developed in the presence of selected local stakeholders (universities, companies, institutions, associations, etc.) was held on 15 December in order to ethink existing services and create new ones.

The event ended with the awarding of the winning team by a jury of experts (composed by representatives of Gruppo Controesodo, Mamme di cervelli in fuga, Talents in Motion, Council of Emilia-Romagna people in the world, ART-ER) which had to identify the project who best intercept the needs of the interviewed expats and funnel them in innovative services.

Furthermore, the winning project was presented in the online event "Back to Emilia-Romagna Expat stories and return services" held on December 20, 2021 within the initiative called "On the Move - the moving Ecosystem".

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