Non-EU citizens

Non-EU citizens who wish to study or do research in Italy must apply for an entry visa. The visa application can be presented to the Italian diplomatic and consular authorities in their country of residence. Depending on the reasons and length of stay, specific documents will be required, such as the availability of financial means, travel arrangements and accommodation.
Furthermore, with regard to health insurance, it is necessary to check before departure if there are specific agreements between your country and Italy and what to do to access the Italian National Health Service. If there is an agreement between your country and Italy, once you arrive at your destination it is necessary to go to one of the regional health service (only in Italian) offices with all documents. If there is no agreement between your country and Italy, you must obtain private medical insurance. 

Visas for study purposes

Visas for study purposes can be requested by foreign citizens who intend to enroll in a higher education study course (University, ITS - Higher Technical Institutes, AFAM - Higher Artistic and Music Education) and other higher education (Postgraduate, Doctorate) but also for those who intend to undertake a short training course, also as part of an international exchange program. More information can also be obtained from the International Relations Office at specific Universities.

By December 31 of each year, universities set the number of places to be allocated for the enrollment of foreign students in university study courses, for the following academic year. Enrollment is in any case subject to the verification of the reception capacities of the university structures and the passing of the admission tests.
In order to gain access to university studies, Italian diplomatic or consular representatives issue declarations on the local validity of secondary school qualifications in the country of origin. They simultaneously provide information on the local scale of values and system of evaluations with which the vote or judgment that was given for qualification.

Research visa

A research visa can be requested by researchers presenting the reception agreement signed with private or public research institutes that are recognized in an official list established by the Ministry for University and Research (MIUR).

Investor Visa for Italy

This is a two-year visa for non-EU citizens who intend to make investments of a significant amount in strategic areas for the Italian economy and society. In order to obtain an investor visa, it is necessary to have the Nulla Osta for the visa, which is issued by the Investor Visa for Italy (IV4I) committee through the portal Once you have obtained the Nulla Osta, you can go to the Italian diplomatic office in your country of residence to apply for an investor visa lasting two years.

EU citizens

EU citizens who stay in Italy for more than three months must register with the Registry Office (Ufficio Anagrafe) of the city where they will stay.

Please refer to your National Health Service before leaving your country of origin to ensure that your European health insurance card is issued by your country (or an equivalent document for European countries for which, even if temporary, has not yet been introduced, or an E-109). With the European health card or replacement insurance card, you can directly access the health facilities of the Italian National Health Service. EU students who do not have health coverage in their country of residence must take out a specific insurance policy that will give them the right to access health services. Without a health insurance policy, the student will be responsible for covering all medical expenses.

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