5 Reason Why You Should Move to Bologna

Heart of the Emilia-Romagna region, Bologna offers foreigners lots of opportunities in different areas. This old and red city has a lively social life and innovative steps for future welcoming to foreigners who are willing to come working or studying. I mean all foreigners who would like to live the Bologna experience! Therefore, we am going to give you some reasons why you should move to Bologna now!


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Culture and History

Bologna has a very rich historical and cultural background. Europe’s oldest University was established in this city and for 9 centuries welcoming students all around the world. Besides that, while you are walking in the city you can see lots of gorgeous Bolognese architecture. While you take a small walk in the city center you can enjoy walking under the porticos which cover all around the city center. So while you are enjoying Bologna you will neither burn by the sun nor get wet in the rain. 

When you reach the city center after passing the Neptune statue you will meet with Basilica di San Petronio, the biggest church of Bologna and the 4th biggest one in Italy. While you keep walking, you will see Basilica di Santo Stefano which is located in Piazza Santo Stefano. Basilica Santo Stefano is also known as the Seven churches. If you are taking your tour on weekends you can enjoy the antique bazaar in that Piazza. The other beautiful sight in Bologna is Santuario della Beata Vergine di San Luca. If you would like to see the most beautiful sunset view in Bologna, the Church of San Luca will be the best choice for it. Don’t forget - ıf you are not a student - to climb the top of the Due Torri for the view of Bologna city center. If you are still a student you can postpone it until your graduation! Because one of the urban legends of Bologna is that while you are still a student if you climb to Due Torri you cannot graduate ever…


University Life

The University of Bologna offers many opportunities for its students since the whole city is dedicated to them. Students can take advantage of Unibo facilities while they are enjoying the red-city. Most of the places in Bologna are occupied by the University students, such as Piazza Verdi, which is also known as the ‘student quarter’. You can grab some coffee from one of the many bars or after your lecture you can relax with your friends near that quarter and have some aperitivo. Also, you can take advantage of discounts or free entry in different kinds of museums, exhibitions, cinemas and other cultural activities just because you are a Unibo student. Moreover, the University of Bologna supports its students in an economic way. During the academic year in your ‘studenti online’ page, calls section you can apply for 150 ore collaboration. While you are working in one facility of the University you will get paid after your collaboration. 


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When people start talking about Italy, they also talk about the food. The Emilia-Romagna region is a nest of some of the most popular Italian food. Bologna is also called in İtalian ‘la grassa’ because of its delicious food. This city, which gives its name to the Bolognese sauce, is also home to many other world-famous foods. The culinary tradition of the Emilia-Romagna region is unique and goes back centuries. The basis of the regional cuisine is food obtained from pork products. Mortadella and Prosciutto will be the delicious snacks for the aperitivo time with your friends in Bologna. If our subject is Bologna we cannot miss the Lasagne alla Bolognese or İtalian nonna’s specialty Tortellini. Also, access to worldwide known delicious food such as Aceto Balsamico and Parmigiano is 30 minutes train ride away from Bologna.

Serre dei Giardini Margerita

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Social Life

Bologna has got a vivid social life for both foreign university students and skilled workers. Bologna city center offers lots of social activities for you. You can find different types of pubs, and bars and serve food at Bologna and Emilia-Romagna style restaurants in the city center. Even though Bologna is known as a red-city, you can find lots of greeny areas for socializing with your friends or family. The most known public park in Bologna is Giardini Margherita which is the biggest city park in town. Here you can relax, play sports or grab some coffee facilities inside the park. If you are a student and you don’t want to study inside one of the many Unibo libraries, you can study in Serre Dei Giardini Margherita. This open-air place provides seats for studying and socializing. Also, another beautiful park in Bologna is Montagnola, near the central train and bus station. So while you are waiting for your bus and train you can relax a little bit there. If you visit this park during the weekend you can buy some clothes from the bazaar.



Bologna is one of the candidates for the future innovation world. Mostly because Bologna has a strategic gateway for the national and international markets. The economic and industrial potential of Bologna will offer a competitive environment that equals the European level. At the same time, many international brands invests in Bologna. So, that shows how Bologna is going to be the future’s business attraction center. These international brands are right because in the near future Bologna Technopole is going to be home of CINECA’s supercomputer which will cover 80% of Italy’s computing capacity. Also, Bologna Tecnopole  is hosting the Europe Centre for Medium-Range Weather Forecast (ECMWF). Big data are the future itself and Bologna is hosting them. On the other hand, Bologna is a motor valley as well since the most important automotive producers of Italy are here. Moreover, a large manufacturing investment in Bologna offers many different kinds of job opportunities for foreign skilled workers.

Watch the video made by the Citta Metropolitana di Bologna about why you should start planning your future career in Bologna!

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