University of Bologna and its job opportunities

UNIBO offers its students many opportunities to work during or immediately after their studies, and the job placement office will help you with that.


Are you an international student intending to enrol at the University of Bologna? Don't miss out on the different job opportunities that UNIBO has to offer you during or after your studies. 

Embarking on a new study path is not easy, especially in another country. For this reason, UNIBO lifebites -the new podcast of the Alma Mater Studiorum University of Bologna- will guide you in the first steps at the university, thanks to the experience of other international colleagues. 

Concerning job opportunities, UNIBO offers you the possibility of part-time jobs in the university's facilities. One of these is the 150-hours paid collaboration that allows you to work in the Library or supervise the students' hall. It is a great opportunity to be in contact with other students and also a way for international students to improve their Italian. 

Another way to learn Italian is through the University Language Centre (also known as CLA). It provides Italian courses to international students for free. The only thing you have to do before, is to take a Placement Test to define your current language level, and then a class will be assigned to you.

Regarding career opportunities, there is a helpful platform that allows you to find internships with good companies which have partnerships with the University of Bologna. There is also a Job Placement office that supports students and graduates, by putting them in contact with the world of work and helping them to define their professional objectives. 

So, what are you waiting for? Plan your future career with Unibo!

Listen to the full podcast on the opportunities offered by UNIBO here.

For further information regarding the University of Bologna, please check it-ER stories area where we collected all the UNIBO lifebites podcast.

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