In Emilia-Romagna there are several opportunities offered by online tools, associations and local services to meet and get to know new people.
Here are some suggestions.

Recreational activities offered by the Universities

Each University of the Region reports through its portal, cultural, social and recreational initiatives:

Networking for researchers and graduate/doctorate students

The Area S3 spaces of ART-ER were created to facilitate the rapprochement between Italian and foreign students and researchers, and the educational, professional and entrepreneurial opportunities offered by the regional research and innovation ecosystem. Area S3 spaces promote knowledge and exchange between foreign students and researchers and the communities of innovators in the region (research laboratories, fab-labs, incubators, start-ups, etc.), through the annual organization of networking events and updates on the opportunities offered by the regional ecosystem of research and innovation throughout the Emilia-Romagna region.

Contact the Area S3 referenced person closest to you :

Open Labs

The Open Labs of Emilia-Romagna are urban spaces equipped with advanced ICT solutions where cooperation and collaboration are developed between companies, citizens, third sector stakeholders, universities and the world of research and public administration. Here you can find the actors who play a significant role in the transformation of the information society in the urban environment. In them, the city becomes a laboratory to build up the future and to create opportunities, including entrepreneurial ones. The Open Labs organize initiatives and events on new technologies, culture and creativity. They also promote paths to help new business in developing and innovating, offering equipped and stimulating workspaces.

The website is available only in Italian.

Sports activities

Sports in Emilia-Romagna are practiced and widespread in many sectors, both at competitive and amateur levels, with a wide choice of sporting activities from the most common to those less widespread at a national level.

The universities of the Region, through the services of the CUS - University Sports Center, offer various opportunities:

Further opportunities are offered by the main sports clubs: Sports Club Database in Emilia-Romagna (only in Italian)

Foreign student associations

ESN - Erasmus Student Network in Emilia Romagna is a European association of university students whose purpose is to promote and support international exchanges between students:
ESN Emilia-Romagna

AEGEE is the Forum of European students and is present in Emilia-Romagna with the territorial branches of Bologna and Ferrara
AEGEE Europe

Online tools

Meetup is a platform to find and build local communities:

Expat is an online community dedicated to expats to have a point of reference where they can exchange information, share opinions, but also organize meetings with other expats, compatriots and others:

Internations, is a large expat community in the world, created to help foreigners integrate into the new reality, meeting people who share the same situation to start feeling at home:

Urban Trekking

Urban trekking is the ideal way to meet new people and the city you moved to. It is in fact a new way of doing tourism, less structured and far from the most popular circuits, which favors the most hidden and least known corners of the Italian cities of art.

For more information look at the web pages dedicated to Emilia-Romagna and to the city where you live:

Voluntary associations

In Emilia-Romagna there are many voluntary associations in different areas of intervention. To identify the voluntary associations where it is possible to serve or to participate in the events that they organize, subscribe to the newsletter of the service centers for local volunteering where you reside, as well as provincial or sub-provincial structures that represent the main voluntary associations active in the area that organize events and activities open to all.

Additionally, thanks to the regional registry of voluntary associations present in Emilia-Romagna it is possible to carry out a search by area and territory and to identify the most suitable association.

For more information:

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