One of the first things you will need to do after arriving in Emilia-Romagna to study will be to complete some formality procedures and register with government authorities.

Registration at the Registry Office

EU members have the right to stay in Italy for a period not exceeding three months without any formalities, except for the possession of a valid identity document for expatriation. If, on the other hand, they intend to stay in the Italian territory for a period of more than three months, they must request registration at the Registry Office, Ufficio Anagrafe, of the Resident Population within three months of entry.

The registration in the registry of the resident population can also be completed by a non-EU citizen. For the registration of personal data it is necessary to go to the office of the municipality where you have established your habitual residence.

For more information:

Brochure of the Metropolitan City of Bologna (only in Italian)

Tax code and health care

In order to identify Italian and foreign citizens residing in the area when dealing with local administrations or public offices, it is essential to request the tax code, a 16-digit alphanumeric code issued free of charge by the Revenue Agency, Agenzie delle Entrate. The request can be made at any local office of the Revenue Agency. You must have your own Tax Code in order to:

  • register at an Italian university;
  • open a bank account;
  • sign any type of contract (lease, telephone line, internet, etc.);
  • register with the National Health Service (SSN).

Access to health care in Italy is distinguished according to the country of origin of the foreign citizen: non-EU citizens (only in Italian) or citizens of the European Union, EEA and Switzerland.

Non-EU citizens with a valid residence permit are entitled to registration with the Servizio Sanitario Nazionale-SSN (National Health Service) and to the equal treatment of Italian citizens for the deductable to be paid and assistance provided. Registration with the SSN may be mandatory or voluntary and has the duration equal to that of the residence permit.

Students and researchers present for the purpose of scientific research are entitled to voluntary and non-mandatory registration. In fact, students and au pairs can voluntarily register with the SSN even if they stay in Italy for less than 3 months. They also have the option of paying a reduced flat-rate deductable and requesting registration with the SSN for a period of less than a year.

To benefit from the services provided by the SSN, you must register at the ASL branches – local health authority – of the territory where you decide to reside, where the health card will be issued. This document is individual and is used to access health assistance.

For more information:

Agenzia delle Entrate – Italian Revenue Agency

Informa Salute (only in Italian)

Prefettura – Assistenza sanitaria (only in Italian)

ER.GO – Health care (only in Italian)

Residence permit

All citizens who do not belong to European Union countries can enter Italy by presenting their passports and, in those cases where they are required, the visa issued by their country of origin. Once in Italy they will be able to request a residence permit at the Police Headquarters which will have the same motivation as the one described on the visa.
Permission does not need to be requested if the stay for study or research is less than three months.

For more information:

State Police – Residence permit

Emergency services

For any type of emergency or assistance, you can use the number 112, the generic European number in case of emergency. The calls flow into a single answering station to then be sorted by an operator to the competent body, including:

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