The Regional Health Service guarantees health assistance to foreign citizens registered with the National Health Service and the provision of certain health services also to immigrants without a residence permit: urgent outpatient and hospital care (for example in the emergency room) or in any case essential for illnesses and injuries, protection of pregnancy and maternity, protection of the health of minors, vaccinations, interventions of international prophylaxis, prophylaxis, diagnosis and treatment of infectious diseases, interventions of the Sert (the Services for drug addiction) and mental health.

Registration with the National Health Service

Non-EU citizens with a valid residence permit are entitled to registration with the Servizio Sanitario Nazionale - SSN (National Health Service) and to the equal treatment of Italian citizens for the contribution to be paid and assistance provided. Registration with the SSN may be mandatory or voluntary and has the duration equal to that of the residence permit.

Students and researchers present for the purpose of scientific research are entitled to voluntary and non-mandatory registration. In fact, students and au pairs can voluntarily register with the SSN even if they stay in Italy for less than 3 months. They also have the option of paying a reduced flat-rate deductable and requesting registration with the SSN for a period of less than a year.

For foreigners residing for reasons of study and for foreigners placed as au pairs, the deductable is calculated on a flat-rate basis.

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