it-ER Careers is an experimental project of the Emilia-Romagna Region, coordinated by ART-ER, which aims to define a model of services and digital tools to facilitate the attraction of international workers (foreigners or Italians living abroad) who possesscritical in demand skills not supplied by the regional labour market.

In its first edition, dedicated to the research of international software developers (foreigners or Italians living abroad), 11 companies have been involved (Imola Informatica, Elements, Quix, Mark One, Teko Telecom, Optit, Onit Group, Unitec, Horta, Rfmcube, AVL Italia) and 3 agencies for employment services based in the Emilia-Romagna region (I.F.O.A. Istituto Formazione Operatori Aziendali, Centoform on behalf of Associazione Idea, CIS Formazione on behalf of Formindustria Emilia-Romagna) which have cooperated for the success of the project, together with ART-ER and Future Place Leadership, a consultancy company specialized in and in charge of the implementation and development of the activity.

Between May and July 2021 more than 300 international software developers have applied and participated in the selections carried out by the agencies for employment services.

NEW! Are you a company or a startup located in Emilia-Romagna? Are you interested in the attraction of front and back-end international software developers (foreigners or Italians living abroad) with more than 5 years of experience? From the 9th of September 2021 there is the possibility to participate in the project again!

To participate you have to respond to Avviso pubblico per la presentazione di manifestazioni di interesse per la partecipazione di imprese dell’Emilia-Romagna all’attività "Sviluppo di strumenti di skills matching per l’attrazione internazionale di competenze" prevista nell’ambito del programma regionale It-ER - INTERNATIONAL TALENTS EMILIA-ROMAGNA - deadline:  September 24, 2021 at 1:00 pm

Participation is free but the selection procedure will take in consideration the order in which applications will arrive.

It is possible to write to ART-ER at the email address to:

  • get information on the public call and the selection procedures
  • book your participation in the webinar of presentation of the initiative (optional for selection purposes), in English, which will be held on 15th of September 2021 from 2:30 to 3:30 p.m.

Are you a qualified worker who lives abroad interested in the opportunities offered by the  Emilia-Romagna region? Write to and we will keep you updated with our initiatives.

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