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Want to grow your business? Are you struggling to find the needed skills your company needs to grow and flourish?

Scarcity on the regional labor market is a serious challenge: shortages in number of people and skills cause long-term unfilled vacancies. 

We at it-ER share your concerns regarding growth. If unaddressed, these talent risks will also complicate the required transitions due to globalization, digitization, climate change, urbanization and flexibility on the labour market. 

Solutions to talent shortages

No doubt, your company - like other partners in the area - is fully committed to close the gap on the labour market by:

  • aligning education with your skills needs
  • activating un(der)used resources: guiding the unemployed or part-time employed to work.
  • introducing life long learning in the workforce.

But all the above take time when in the meantime, attracting talent from abroad may help bridge your talent gaps right now.

Benefits of hiring foreign talents

The benefits of hiring foreign talents:

  1. Diverse teams perform better and are more innovative
  2. Finding talent that has the skill set your company needs, if it cannot be found in the local market
  3. Opening up your company to the world enhancing your internationalization 
  4. Benefits to the local economy: added tax revenue, consuming local goods & services, indirect employment of locals and thus welfare for the whole region
  5. Happy foreign talent attracts more foreign talent to the region as ambassadors

And it is a lot easier than you think!

Attracting international talent

Attracting and onboarding international talent is not easy. Local companies are often less known internationally and do not have the channels to reach the talent they want to hire, while onboarding a non-local talent requires more resources and knowledge than what companies are used to.

This is where we can help you and your business! ART-ER and partners offer a number of services to help attract and retain international talent to the Emilia-Romagna region and thus help its economic growth. 

it-ER: International Talent Emilia-Romagna 

it-ER has the experience, services and competence to support your journey and can be an integrated partner and resource to all companies seeking global talent as the solution to your recruitment needs. 

it-ER Careers 

One of the services provided for is “it-ER Careers”, an initiative to create talent pools for the most wanted profiles, a pool of candidates bigger than each and every company could create on its own. 

“it-ER Careers” promotes Emilia-Romagna as an attractive region amongst specific international talent, people with the skills and experience that your company needs. Skills that are not available (enough) on the regional labour market. 

Collaborative talent attraction 

Unique to the approach is the collaborative aspect. Employers, ART-ER Attractiveness Research Territory and regional stakeholders join forces to attract talent under the single brand of ‘It-ER Careers’. An international recruitment campaign will promote the region as a great place to work and live in with job openings for internationals (foreign people or Italians living abroad). The initiative builds on the 2021 project set out to attract software developers. Over 320 candidates were pre-selected for over 15 partner companies in the region. 

Are you looking for professionals in Mechanics & Automotive, Life Sciences & Health, Digital & Big Data or the Green Economy? The program is now open for employers from Emilia-Romagna looking for talent with skill sets within these industries. 

We are looking forward to attracting talent into the region together with the businesses that help make it thrive!


it-ER Careers is a set of dedicated measures to attract international workers (internationals or Italians living abroad) who possess critical in demand skills not supplied by the regional labour market.

Are you a qualified worker who lives abroad interested in the opportunities offered by the Emilia-Romagna region? Here you can find a guide and a webinar to get all the information about the procedures and incentives to come to Italy.  

Are you a company interested in hiring internationals? Here you can find a guide and some webinars to get all the information about the procedures and incentives to hire people relocating from abroad.

In its first edition, in 2021, dedicated to the research of international software developers (internationals or Italians living abroad) 22 companies have been involved (Imola Informatica, Elements, Quix, Mark One, Teko Telecom, Optit, Onit Group, Unitec, Horta, Rfmcube, AVL Italia, LHP Europe srl, Pirene Srl, Zanasi SRL, Master Training srl, Seven IT srl, Meta System SpA, CSE Consorzio Servizi Bancari SOC. CONS. A R.L., e-Soft s.r.l., Doxee SpA, Aetna Group SpA, Modis Consulting srl.) together with 3 agencies for employment services based in the Emilia-Romagna region (I.F.O.A. – Company Operator Training Institute, Centoform on behalf of Associazione Idea, CIS Training on behalf of Formindustria Emilia -Romagna). They all collaborated in the development of the project, together with ART-ER and Future Place Leadership, a specialized consultancy firm on international talent attraction and retention.

Write to and we will keep you updated with our initiatives.

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