“IT-ER Careers” is a regional pilot project of Emilia-Romagna, managed by ART-ER Attractiveness Research Territory, with the expertise of Future Place Leadership seeking to promote Emilia-Romagna as a career destination and attract international talent who possess critical in demand skills not supplied by the regional labour market, specifically international (foreign people or Italians living abroad) software developers. 

The project will be carried out from February until September 2021, including an international social marketing and recruitment campaign, from May to June 2021, dedicated to collect international software developers applications for the opportunities offered by 11 selected companies, through the support of 3 intermediate agencies in collaboration with ART-ER and Future Place Leadership.

The following intermediate agencies and companies have been selected to participate for the implementation of the pilot project:

  • I.F.O.A. – Istituto Formazione Operatori Aziendali
  • Associazione Idea
  • Formindustria Emilia-Romagna scarl 
  • Imola Informatica Spa
  • Elements srl
  • Quix srl
  • Mark One srl
  • Teko Telecom srl a socio unico
  • Optit srl
  • Onit Group srl
  • Unitec Spa
  • Horta srl
  • Rfmcube srl
  • AVL Italia srl

Applications campaign is now open, till the 25th of June 2021, for international software developers seeking for a job opportunity in Emilia-Romagna companies. Click on this link to apply!

For further information on the it-ER Careers project: email: iter@art-er.it


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