2024 Global Environment Solutions Challenge

Teams of young students worldwide are invited to participate and contribute to addressing the global challenge of plastic pollution.

Photo from UN environment programme website

Photo from UN environment programme website

The challenge this year offers four topics, namely Human Health,Circular Economy, Climate Change, and Zero-Waste City. Participants can choose the topic they are interested in and form a team to register for the challenge.

The challenge only accepts registration as a team. The challenge is open to groups only so that participants are required to form their own teams. Participants can compete for final prizes and scholarships provided by the organizing committee.

The challenge is open to students of all ages or nationalities from all over the world. Students in colleges and universities (including vocational students, undergraduates and postgraduates) can all participate in the challenge.

Registration deadline is 18:00, April 3, 2024 (UTC+8).

Participants and observers need to register on the official registration system.

The challenge generates one Champion Team, two Second Prize teams and three Third Prize teams, which will be selected by the judging committee.

For any other information, please visit this website.


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