gE.CO museum opened in Forlì

It connects and recounts the spread of urban commons throughout Europe, inspiring new experiences of regeneration and care of urban voids and communities

gE.CO museum Forlì

gE.CO museum aims at representing a useful tool to increase the knowledge about the raise of  generative commons, to discover local needs and to collect information about good practices. 
A Museum to inspire new experiences of regeneration of urban voids.

gE.CO museum will be a digital tool, since it will be integrated in the gE.CO map: this way, digital thematic itineraries will be virtual paths over the map, connecting experiences, problems, solutions, and  best practices. Moreover, a specific page in the gE.CO website will include all the materials (such as data, infographics, multimedia contents, etc.) and in-depth analysis that will be developed by exploiting the results of the gE.CO survey, and later on of the gE.CO DIY toolkit.
Information, pictures, infographics will be collected in a catalogue and in a travelling exhibit.

To discover generative commons across Europe, you can experience three different thematic itineraries:


What are urban commons?

Urban commons are public spaces or spaces of public interest that, through the direct care and management from the communities, challenge the traditional mechanisms of public authorities and market, providing new social and cultural responses.
These experiences were born from the reactivation of abandoned or underused spaces, which trigger sharing economies, artistic research, social innovation and redefinition of welfare forms. They develop in cooperative and fluid spaces, which have their own identity but are open to exchange and contamination, stimulating the appearance of new organizations, projects, practices, and forms of expression.

If you want to know more, visit the gE.CO museum website.

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