IFTS-Junior Expert in Circular Economy 2021

Free training course to become a Junior Expert in Circular Economy is now open for registrations.

If you are a student, a worker or simply someone who is interested in the circular economy of industrial business processes, then this training course is just what you need!   

IFTS courses, which stands for Higher Technical Education and Training, provide professionals with technical skills in specific sectors. 

In particular, the figure of the Junior Expert in Circular Economy will be able to intervene in different business contexts, facilitating the transition to sustainable production methods and business models with low environmental impact.

Centoform gives you the opportunity to access this free course in which you are going to acquire specific knowledge that will allow you to assess the impact of company performance on the ecosystem, promote environmental policies, understand industrial production processes and contain their negative effects and many other things!


The trained technician will have a key function in facilitating innovation processes related to the circular economy. Moreover, at the end of the course and after having successfully taken the final exam, an IFTS specialisation certificate will be issued. As mentioned before, the course is completely free of charge and will be held in Ferrara (FE), but only 20 vacancies are available.

How is the course organised?

It will start in November 2021 until July 2021, for a total of 800 hours. Some lectures will be delivered in English and will involve university professors and international business experts. For this reason, a good knowledge of English is required (level B2).

Some of the main contents covered:

  1. Introduction to the circular economy
  2. Environmental innovation in production processes and evaluation of these processes
  3. Use of project management techniques and tools, in particular to support the transition towards more sustainable production
  4. Redesigning products and new business models for services

Social impacts of circular models and impact business models So, what are you waiting for? Don't miss this amazing opportunity to specialise in the field of circular economy and start working for a greener world.

To apply, download the application form (scheda di iscrizione) or contact centoform by email or phone, but remember that the application deadline is on November 5th. To see the admission requirements, the detailed programme, and other useful information, please check the links below.


Tel: 051 68 30 470

email: circulareconomy@centoform.it

Scheda di iscrizione

IFTS course website (available in English and Italian)

Locandina (available in Italian only)

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