it-ER goes to the Basque Country!

In mid October the it-ER staff will visit Bizkaia Talent in Bilbao and participate in the Dig.Int workshop in San Sebastian, strengthening the relations between our regions and building new bridges 

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On 16-18 October it-ER staff will be in the Basque Country.

On Oct. 16th we will have the chance to visit Bizkaia Talent in Bilbao, a non-profit associative initiative established in 2005 by the Department of Economic Development of the Provincial Council of Bizkaia to encourage and favor the establishment of the conditions necessary to attract, link and retain highly qualified people in the process of innovation and knowledge.

Bizkaia Talent aims to promote and boost human capital, which is the main key to a region’s development. To this end, and in order to achieve their goals, they have the support and collaboration of numerous outstanding companies and universities throughout the Basque Country. it-ER and Bizkaia talent are both part of the European Talent Mobility Forum, so this meeting will strenght our relationship and will give us new inspiration to impoove our programme in Emilia-Romagna.

On 17-18 October we will attend the DIG.INT workshop at TKNIKA in San Sebastian.

The DIG.INT project is aimed at supporting the process of internationalization of education and training systems by acting on 3 levels:

  • micro-level (teachers/trainers and students),
  • macro-level (training institutions)
  • and meso-level (territories).

The goals of the project are:

  • the creation of a learning platform to support the development of skills for the internationalization of teachers, trainers, managers;
  • a strong support for professional training institutions in building and consolidating their internationalization strategies;
  • a strong support to regional development agencies in developing and integrating policies on the internationalization of vocational training systems.

In San Sebastian will gather highly qualified professionals to allow comparison among VET and Technical Higher Education Institutions (HEIs) concerning their internationalisation strategy and achievements.

The purpose is to stimulate peer learning and further cooperation. On one hand, the longer and generalised internationalisation experience of Technical HEIs, which have gone through the Bologna Process for 20 years, should be used as a stimulus and inspiration for the VET providers, which have a more limited set of European tools to support internationalisation and a more limited demand from their students. On the other hand, VET institutions have their specific strengths in the closer relation with enterprises so they may use this lever as a key for internationalisation strategies, thus offering some inspiration also to HEIs. 



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