it-ER stories: Arsene Philippe Njock

From Cameroon to Parma, he works as financial advisor.

Arsene Philippe Njock was born in Cameroon but moved to Italy in search of new opportunities. As he told us, he decided to come to Emiglia Romagna for study reasons, so he enrolled at the University of Parma at the International and European Relations faculty. During his academic career he also studied at the University of Paris-Sorbonne, and then he graduated in 2019. 

He is very happy about the choice he made and, here in Emilia Romagna, he was able to pursue his studies without financial difficulties, thanks to a scholarship he got at the university. However, according to him, the integration process still remains a problem in Italy, especially for Africans and non-EU citizens. In spite of this, he has managed -without too many difficulties- to integrate thanks to some organizations present on the territory. He is currently doing an internship at Banca Intesa San Paolo in Parma as Financial Advisor. At the same time he is working on various projects, one of them is to create an innovative start-up.

Arsene's advice to the youngest is to leave and look for new opportunities and although integration can be a problem, there are many associations that help with that. He is very satisfied because in Parma he was able to build a family and in this city his son was born. 

Moreover, he is also part of our it-ER Ambassadors, the network of international university students, PhDs, researchers and knowledge workers representing the Emilia-Romagna Innovation Ecosystem throughout the world! 

Find out more about Arsene Philippe Njock by watching the short video below and If you want to know how to become an it-Er Ambassador, here you will find all the information you need.


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