it-ER stories: Ashwin Sureshkumar

From India to Emilia-Romagna: a challenging experience

Ashwin comes from India and is pursuing his master’s degree in advanced automotive engineering at UNIMORE. As he told us, he moved to Emilia-Romagna because of the Motor Valley, in fact he is extremely passionate about motorsports and here in Italy this culture is very strong. 

He was very enthusiastic to learn from the Motor Valley, in fact  most of the automotive industries and motorsport industries are concentrated in this region, forming a beautiful network with universities and companies. So, that is the reason why Ashwin decided to move to Emilia-Romagna. 

One thing which surprised him the most, concerning the region, was how balanced Emilia-Romagna is constructed around. It has industries ranging from automotive to food, but also a well balanced tourism network thanks to beautiful hiking and cycling spots, wonderful beaches and a lively nightlife. Not to mention the delicious dishes the region has to offer such as lasagne alla bolognese, tortellini, Parma ham, parmesan cheese, etc. 

One challenging thing that Ashwin faced  in Emilia-Romagna was connecting with people, because he is  an extroverted person and he loves forming beautiful connections and relations with other people. However, when he came here, his language skills were not consolidated yet, but he overcame this problem thanks to the people he met and the positive connections he got. According to him, this always allowed to complete his work properly.

Furthermore, he is also part of our it-ER Ambassadors, the network of international university students, PhDs, researchers and knowledge workers representing the Emilia-Romagna Innovation Ecosystem throughout the world! 

Find out more about Ashwin Sureshkumar by watching the short video below and If you want to know how to become an it-Er Ambassador, here you will find all the information you need.


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