it-ER Stories: Luca Dellamore

Da Cesena alla Silicon Valley...e ritorno!

Luca Dellamore is an Italian scientist and entrepreneur who has been working in Silicon Valley as a software engineer for 20 years. After his abroad experience in the USA he came back to Emilia-Romagna 3 years ago.  

After staying 20 years abroad, Luca mostly enjoys summer in the beautiful Riviera Romagnola and its delicious gelatos. He has also discovered new hiking trails he didn’t know when he was a teenager. He goes through the mentality about people in his own region because 20 years of expat experience in the USA has changed his perspective. As an entrepreneur coming back from Silicon Valley he’s ready to share his experience and knowledge in our region!

Furthermore, he is also part of our it-ER Ambassadors, the network of international university students, PhDs, researchers and knowledge workers representing the Emilia-Romagna Innovation Ecosystem throughout the world! 

Find out more about Luca Dellamore by watching the short video below and if you want to know how to become an it-Er Ambassador, here you will find all the information you need.


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