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From Colombia to Modena, a skilful engineer.


Nicolas Casas Rey is 28 years old and he comes from Colombia. He decided to move to Emilia-Romagna for study reasons and since September 2019 he lived in Modena, house of Ferrari and many other legendary companies of the automotive industry. He is particularly interested in the automotive sector, in fact this is the reason why he wanted to stay in this region. 

Owing to his passion for this field of study, he attended in Italy a course in Advanced Automotive Engineering at the Motor Vehicle University of Emilia-Romagna. During this period, apart from the industry, he has discovered many other things that this region has to offer. He really appreciated the cuisine, one of the finest in the world, for example Parma cheese, balsamic vinegar, Parma ham, lambrusco and so on. 

As he told us, the region was very suitable for him because it allowed to practice cycling, one of his hobbies, and other activities that you can do in Appennini, a mountain range that is full of breathtaking landscapes for nature lovers. Nicolas also loves the historic centers of the main Emilia-Romagna region and also the car factory which is.

At the very beginning was not so easy, he had to adapt to a new culture, new language, a different weather, a different way of doing things and of course Covid-19 has increased this level of difficulty. Despite this, he is very happy about his choice and he will graduate by the end of this year doing an internship in one of the most important motorbike manufacturers in the world. 

So, his advice for those who are considering moving to Emilia-romagna is: just do it and you will not regret it!

Furthermore, Nicolas is also part of our it-ER Ambassadors, the network of international university students, PhDs, researchers and knowledge workers representing the Emilia-Romagna Innovation Ecosystem throughout the world! 

Find out more about Nicolas Casas Rey by watching the short video below and If you want to know how to become an it-Er Ambassador, here you will find all the information you need.


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