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Staying to enhance the territory


Sara Casalini studied chemical engineering at the Alma Mater Studiorum - University of Bologna and now is doing a Phd research project on active biodegradable packaging. During her academic career, she had the opportunity to live in Spain, thanks to the Erasmus Exchange Program, and in Edinburgh to write the master’s degree thesis. According to her, that experience really changed her approach to life. The period abroad allowed her to meet people all over the world, to come in touch with new traditions, cultures and languages.

After graduating, she decided that she would have spent her life in Italy, in particular in Emilia-Romagna. Sara is really attached to the province of Modena, where her family comes from. She feels also really close to the city of Bologna and she told us to remember that time when she took part in a tour for international students and during this project she learned a lot of things about the history of the city.  Moreover, she had the chance to visit some amazing buildings and just after the tour she realized the amazing place where she was studying in. 

For this reason, Sara started paying more and more attention to her territory because there are lovely places and great opportunities for local and international people. She enjoys living here because there is a fertile ground for cultural and professional development,  and she decided to stay in Emilia-Romagna to enhance the region itself.  

Finally, after her Phd she is planning to build up a startup to produce biodegradable packaging  starting from agricultural wastes.  She likes doing innovation and being part of it, for this she really appreciates people who commit themselves to revolutionary ideas and turn them into reality for a better society.

Furthermore, she is also part of our it-ER Ambassadors, the network of international university students, PhDs, researchers and knowledge workers representing the Emilia-Romagna Innovation Ecosystem throughout the world! 

Find out more about Sara Casalini by watching the short video below and If you want to know how to become an it-Er Ambassador, here you will find all the information you need.


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