R2B 2022 - Transition Transformation

Bologna 8-15th June 2022

Ecological transition, energy crisis and digital innovation as centrepiece of the country’s transformation at the service of businesses and people, new projects set by Universities and Italian Research Centres for the RRP  –  National Recovery and Resilience Plan – and their impact on the economy and local development, skills and professions of the future.

Join us for this and much more at R2B 2022, for the 17th International Exhibition on Research and Skills for Innovation, from 8 to 9 June in person at the Volvo Congress Center in Bologna, by all Emilia-Romagna’s Technopoles and for all the events scheduled for the innovation week from 10 to 15 June.

For 17 years R2B, the International Exhibition on Research and Skills for Innovation, promoted by the Emilia-Romagna Region and Bologna Fiere and organized by ART-ER Attractiveness Research Territory, has been a point of reference for the regional and national innovation system, and a meeting opportunity between institutions, businesses, universities and innovators. Throughout its existence, it has boasted the participation of representatives of European institutions and international and national experts on matters related to innovation in various sectors. 

From its inception, R2B has been an important laboratory for experimentation and collaboration, capable of capturing, year after years, the most prominent content at the centre of current events and anticipating new trajectories for innovation. The pandemic has provided a further acceleration, urging the need to rethink economic, production, organizational and social models, and the event format as well.

In the last couple of years, the exhibition  has taken place on-line, concentrating on conferences devoted to the most relevant topics regarding innovation and international B2B meetings organized through digital platform with over 2,000 registered users, in addition to 11,000 views of the main topics, 1,000 meetings between delegates from 41 countries. 

Transition Transformation are  the key words chosen for R2B 2022 edition in our response to the complex global challenges the country is facing: ecological and energy transition, the ever more pervasive digital transformation impacting institutions, businesses, territories and the people, skills and knowledge crucial for the future.

The event will have a new hybrid and streamed format, starting with live presence on 8 and 9 June in Bologna and a series of initiatives at Emilia-Romagna’s Technopoles, continuing up to 15 June.

From this year, the RB2 programme includes an Expert Group, a Body made up of prominent figures and innovation experts. This has influenced the choice of format and content of the 2022 edition offering businesses, the world of research, local institutions and communities concrete tools to deal with the ever more complex challenges the future has in store.


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