The United Nations University Institute for Artificial Intelligence (UNU-AI) is looking for a Director

UNU-AI will have the mission to advance global research, development, capacity and policy in the domains of artificial intelligence. The application deadline is July 31st, 2024

The United Nations University Institute for Artificial Intelligence (UNU-AI) is looking for a dynamic individual with an entrepreneurial mind-set as the inaugural director to lead this new institute. UNU-AI will be formally established in 2024 with the mission to advance global research, development, capacity, and policy in the domains of artificial intelligence and will be the newest of 14 research and training Institutes of the UNU system.

The preferred candidate should have a distinguished scientific profile of research and policy engagement in artificial intelligence, data, computing technology, AI applications and transformative technology, with strong relevant networks sufficient to support UNU-AI with the necessary prestige and credibility in the communities of international scholarship, AI and data research, policy, and practice.

The Director will develop and manage national and international partnerships and negotiations, and oversee the administrative, infrastructural, financial and data privacy, security and governance operations, and management of UNU-AI. S/he will also be expected to take the lead in drafting and executing the Institute’s first strategy within the broader context of UNU’s Strategy (2025-2029).

The Director will ensure that UNU-AI contributes to important policy debates within the UN and with Member States based on a critical understanding of the challenges posed by artificial intelligence and the outcomes of the Institute’s future research programme. The Director is responsible for guaranteeing scientific excellence through internal quality control and providing strategic visioning and guidance for the impact of UNU-AI in artificial intelligence policy domains.

UNU-AI aims to partner with the UN system, serve as a platform where multidisciplinary and multisector stakeholders can use, be trained to use, and be equipped to integrate insights generated by advanced artificial intelligence and computational infrastructure to enhance human welfare, strengthen peace and security, and protect and preserve the planet’s natural habitat. The Institute will build sustainable partnerships with other UNU institutes and United Nations entities and drawing on local, regional, and global partners to deliver data-driven insights and catalyse innovation that can contribute to the achievement of the goal and purposes of the United Nations. Central to the Institute’s work will be to develop and enable sustained North-South and South-South research collaboration and engagement with institutions and researchers in the Global South to ensure that the Institute genuinely addresses the diverse needs and aspirations of nations and peoples worldwide.

To apply to UNU, you will not need an account. Instead, it is required:

  • apply via the apply link;
  • fill out the UNU P11 Form (please avoid using similar forms provided by other United Nations organisations);
  • provide a motivation statement (in the P11 form); 
  • answer a few questions that are tailored to the position.

The application deadline is 31st July 2024.

For more information please visit the UNU website.

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