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An innovative atmosphere for an innovative July in Forlì

The G7 Ministers’ Meeting on Science and Technology will take place in Bologna and Forlì from July 9th to 11th, 2024.
The programme of the meeting includes multiple sessions to discuss the pivotal role of science and research in ensuring a more equitable and sustainable future, and to explore possible shared initiatives to achieve this goal. It also includes a quantum technology demonstration showcasing the potential of these emerging technologies, as well as visits to key infrastructures and sites in the Data Valley.

Bologna is one of the Italian cities where history, culture, and innovation blend perfectly. 
Forlì is a dynamic city that attracts talent, largely due to its connection with the University of Bologna Alma Mater Studiorum. The modern, vibrant university campus in the city centre offers 22 degree programs, including Medicine, Political Science, Economics, Nautical Engineering, and the Department of Languages for Interpreters and Translators. The Luigi Ridolfi airport serves as a hub at European level and is home to the Aeronautical and Aerospace Tech Pole, hosting the Department of Engineering and the ENAV Academy. The city's economic sector is vibrant, supported by a network of small and medium-sized enterprises excelling in agri-food, commerce, industry, and nautical industries.  

Well, our region has always been committed to investing in and promoting innovation projects across all production sectors, developing over time a true innovation ecosystem in collaboration with universities, research centers, the chamber of commerce system, social partners and local administrations with Art-ER at the center.
The effects of this shared commitment can also be found in the second edition of “Transatlantic Subnational Innovation Competitiveness Index 2.0”, which shows that Emilia-Romagna is the first Italian region for innovation and competitiveness.
How does this focus on innovation impacts in the search for skills and professional profiles?

Analyzing the data of Skills Intelligence Emilia-Romagna of the sector Innovate, it is interesting to observe that, from April 2023 to March 2024, 51.134 online job advertisements were published, i.e. 8,94% of the total online advertisements offered in the regional territory, with a decrease of 5,5% compared to the previous year.

It immediately catches the eye that the most sought after profiles, considering the ESCO level 1 categories, belong to Professionals (56,4%), followed at a distance by Technicians and associate professionals (16,1%) and Clerical support workers (9,8%).

It is important to delve into the most sought-after skills and profiles at specialized levels.

The five most sought after professional profiles (ESCO level 4) of the Professionals (ESCO level 1)

Taking into consideration only the group of Professionals (ESCO level 1), the top five most sought after professional profiles (ESCO level 4) are:

1. systems analysts - 24,5% of the total ads in E-R;

2. software developers - 18,3%;

3. advertising and marketing professionals - 14,0%;

4. engineering professionals - 8,1%;

5. industrial and production engineers - 6,2%.

Four on five of these profiles are of HIGH difficulty of finding. This means that in Emilia-Romagna there is a need for these professions, but the profiles necessary to fill this gap are lacking.

In the province of Forlì, specifically, the most sought after professional profiles (ESCO level 4) are:

1. Systems analysts - 292 in the last 12 months;

2. Advertising and marketing professionals;

3. Software developers;

4. Industrial and production engineers;

5. Engineering professionals.

So, if you have a professional profile that falls within those listed above, the province of Forlì could offer great opportunities to you.

If, however, your profile is not yet among the most sought after, but you would like to delve deeper into the Innovation sector, you can find in Emilia-Romagna many training opportunities, these are the best in the region:

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